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About Arizona EZ-Pawn Shop

You are in the right place now, if you are struggling to acquire instant loan or cash at reduced interest rates. Know as Arizona EZ-Pawn, we are one of the most reputed pawn shops in Phoenix and its surrounding areas including Glendale, Peoria, Sun City West, El Mirage, Surprise etc. At our pawn shop, you can always expect to get money you need in minutes. We provide you the perfect solution to meet your pawnbroker and shopping requirements.

Licensed by Maricopa County and the State of Arizona, our shop offers pawning services that highly transparent and professional. The main goal of our company is to offer superior quality services to clients so that you keep coming back to us over and over again. Whether you want to pawn a valuable or buy or sell an item, you can head straight to Arizona EZ-Pawn.

Our pawn shop in Phoenix caters to the needs of a wide variety of clients including business owners, contractors and individuals. While working with us, you can apply for two types of loans – Title Loan and EZ Loan. If you own a vehicle, you can also borrow loan against its equity. You keep the money while you continue to drive your own vehicle. Of course, there is no need for credit checks when you apply for or acquire these loans.

At Arizona EZ-Pawn, we buy and sell different types of items. These include gold jewelry, diamond jewelry, gold coin, laptop computers, desktop computers, iPods, iPads, tablets, firearms etc. In fact, the jewelry collection at our Phoenix pawn shop is one of the largest in the entire region of Arizona.

Contact Us Now

If you want instant cash, make a visit to our pawn shop. You can give us a quick call at (623) 544 – 3446 or you can contact us via email by writing to this email address –

We have one of the largest jewelry displays of any pawn shop in Arizona. Thousands of dollars worth of jewelry is displayed. Our jewelry guarantee is the best in the business. We guarantee that the piece of jewelry that you buy from us will appraise for more than what you paid for it or we will give you your money back (excluding watches).

Arizona EZ-Pawn has a nice selection of electronics at great prices. We have an electronics selection that includes: Televisions, Big Screen Televisions, DVD Players, Computers, Laptops, Camcorders, Stereo Systems, and much more! We will let you test the product in the store as long as you wish to make sure you are satisfied with their performance before purchasing them.

Arizona EZ-Pawn has a huge selection of firearms available for your to purchase.

To begin the loan process, you must:

  • Bring the item that you are going to sell or pawn to the store
  • You must have a Government issued ID (state issued driver's license or ID Card)
  • Your fingerprints will be taken
  • All loans are 90 day loans
  • Within 90 days you must either pay off the loan or make an interest payment. The interest payment will extend the loan length another 90 days. You may do this as many times as you wish